Here is an ‘edgy’ philosophy that cuts right to the heart of how human beings fear, fight, learn, love and live.

This is Life Coaching at it’s very best. You will not find any sugar-coated, fortune-cookie style advice in these books; this is a hard-hitting guide to self-discovery and the search for true purpose.

Through the tale of his amazing personal journey, John Will delivers truth and advice that will speak to the very core of your being.

Book 3 - Passion & Purpose

“What lies around the corner, no one can know. Whether we accept it or not, life is, and always will be, an exploratory journey. As is the case with all exploration, if the unfolding trek doesn’t succeed in killing us, it will almost certainly provide us with instruction. If we want to learn things that others do not know, we need to be willing to do the things that other people do not do.

Innovation is naturally driven by necessity and circumstance, and our capacity for creativity seems boundless; but it is when we are cut loose from the confines of familiarity that we can truly tap into our innovative potential.”

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Book 2 - Challenge and Ownership

“On many occasions I have been accused of being lucky. There are two types of luck at work in this universe.

The first is the luck we associate with pure chance: with the roll of the dice or the whims of the gods.

Then there is the type of luck that is born of smart decisions and the ability to notice things that others do not notice.

The latter is the only type of luck we have any control over; it is the only type that I am interested in.

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Book 1 - Fear & the Engine

Fear starts in small places.

It is a seed that takes root and though it can remain dormant for years to come, under the right conditions it can blossom again and again.

In confronting our fears, we learn to harness the secret power that lies nestled in it's kernel.

Fear is like rocket fuel, it can explode and destroy us or when harnessed properly, can take us to the moon.   Without fear we would be jellyfish, completely at the mercy of life's currents.

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